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If you are seriously thinking about becoming a Jim’s Building & Maintenance franchisee or Regional Franchisor then we encourage you to follow these steps

1 Read this Information Brochure

It contains all of the basic information you’ll need to make a qualified decision including details of things like the franchise system and an equipment list. Once you are sure you want to proceed we will provide you with a detailed description of the associated costs and all the information you’ll need to make a final decision.

We currently have franchise opportunities for sale country wide. To buy a franchise in Australia, follow the steps above.

2 Come and meet with us

We hope you are seeking a long term business relationship with Jim’s Building & Maintenance. You’ll probably have a few important questions you’d like to ask as well, so it is important to both of us that we meet and have a chat. This could be with our Divisional Franchisor or a Regional Franchisor who looks after the region in which you live. Remember to discuss the three different options and fee structures.

3 Arrange a Trial Day

This is the best way to see what owning a Jim’s Franchise is all about! You’ll work alongside another franchisee and experience a typical day. We hope you are encouraged by what you see, like so many others have been.

4 Arrange an obligation free Pre-Sign Meeting

After your day in the field and you are sure you want to proceed, this is your opportunity to discuss your Territory purchase or rental options but do not forget to discuss your business name setup with your Franchisor as it must be ready for the contracts. At this meeting we will give you a reading only copy of:

1. The Franchise Agreement
2. A Disclosure Document

You can also have a look at the Jim’s Franchise Manual to see what is covered. We do this so you can discuss the decision you are about to make with your advisors and these documents are designed to let you and them see ‘inside’ the full Jim’s business structure. Don’t be overly concerned about the amount of detail they contain, franchising in Australia is controlled by the Franchising Code of Conduct and your advisors will be able to explain what it all means to you.

5 Discuss everything with your advisors

Our franchise model is very successful and we welcome the scrutiny of experts. We suggest that you make use of your lawyer, accountant or business broker to read the Franchise Agreement and Disclosure Document and advise you on that. Equally important, you should understand what you are signing up for, so do your own homework on us too!

6 Final Meeting – Deposit and Training Fee paid to your Franchisor

You will be issued with the formal set of Franchise Documents. Once you have paid your deposit and training fee you can travel to Melbourne to commence the Jim’s Building & Maintenance Induction Course and book in your sign up date after agreeing on your Territory and start date.
After returning from your training at Jim’s training centre, sign your franchise documents together with your franchisor (if you are happy to go ahead). Make sure to set up your bank account as soon as your Jim’s business has been registered by National Office to limit delay in starting your own business.

7 Sign Up and commence the on-site Training and Quoting Day!

Congratulations! By now you’ve taken a good hard look at us, worked in the field, got your independent advice and met the team. You have signed up, paid your monies and now you are ready and eager for work. Your training will be complete in no time but also remember to take heed of the tips and systems detailed in your Operations Manual; they will make it a lot easier to get started and more efficient with your time. If ever you feel that you need help, support with a job or additional training it is your responsibility to contact us and confirm by email, so that every opportunity is taken to make things better for you. A good way of learning more skills is to work with your fellow franchisees. This will form part of the training program but you need to request it.

“Success in business requires training, discipline and hard work. But if you’re not frightened by these things, the opportunities are just as great today as they ever were …” – David Rockefeller