Jim’s Group started as Jim’s Mowing (originally ‘Balwyn Gardening’) which was started by Jim Penman in December 1982.

Originally aimed only at taking on subcontractors, it gradually began to specialise in the building up and selling of lawn mowing rounds. As time progressed, an increasing numbers of services were offered to contractors, including replacement of lost jobs, training, brochures, seminars, better deals on equipment and insurance, care taking of rounds in case of illness or accident, and so forth. The change to a Franchise in mid 1989 was thus no more than an extension of the existing business.

The growth of Jim’s Mowing since then has been rapid. From being small and relatively unknown, it has become the largest and best known mowing business in Australia.
There are now branches throughout Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

A `Jim’s Cleaning’ division was launched in 1994, Jim’s Dog Wash in 1996, and Jim’s Building & Maintenance in early 1997. The key to success has been a consistent concern for the welfare of both Franchisees and clients. Most Franchisees are in direct phone contact with the office every day of the week. Jim is still actively involved in the running of the business. An account of the history and origin of Jim’s Mowing can be found in Jim’s book, ‘What will they franchise next?’. His new book, Selling by not Selling, elaborates on the journey to the Jim’s Group of today.

Jim’s Building & Maintenance has established itself in this specialised market. As a growing Division there are still unique opportunities to be found for the right people. Our future is looking good as we develop our brand and stake our claim on an increasing share of the market.